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When travelers think of Cairo, images of the sun sparkling off the Pyramids of Giza or the Sphinx naturally come to mind thanks to the wonder and mystery they’ve inspired for many centuries. But while skipping the mainstays outside Cairo isn’t a great idea for a visitor, the ancient city on the Nile has quite […]
Costa Rica is a beautiful Central American country famous for its pristine beaches and diversity of wildlife. It’s an amazing destination for travelers seeking adventure. Whether you’re into water sports, hiking (or zip lining) through jungles and rainforests, or exploring volcanoes, Costa Rica has an incredible number of opportunities to experience thrills and challenges. Ziplining […]
Malaysia is a melting pot of cultural and religious diversity. Located between Thailand to the North and Singapore to the South, the country is home to people from various backgrounds, including Malays, Chinese, Indians, and a growing community of expats. There are many reasons why Malaysia continues to attract people from around the globe. Malaysia […]
“Dubai is a city of world records. It has the largest man-made island, the largest indoor amusement park, the largest building in the world, 163 stories to the top. Now it’s aiming for its most audacious ambition: The booming desert city that a decade ago had the world’s largest environmental footprint wants to become, by […]