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If you’re heading to the U.K., check out the lineup of festivals around the British Isles. The country offers numerous festivals for every interest and age. Check out a few of these festivals that often fly beneath the tourist radar. Soul Circus The Cotswolds, U.K. This yoga and wellness festival¬†int he U.K. will leave you […]
A music festival is a timeless way to see new places, spend time with your favorite people, and hear some great live music. A good festival, of course, is more than the sum of its parts. It’s a chaotic meshing of sounds, socializing, food, unique fashion statements, creative art forms, and merchandise. Ever since Woodstock, […]
“British food” for a lot of people brings up images of sad looking vegetables and dry meat. The old joke that the Brits don’t have cuisine still circulates regularly. All of this might make prospective visitors from “overseas” wonder if they are going to be leaving the country hungry. The fact is that it’s quite […]
Thanks to its iconic buildings and impressive combination of different cultures, London remains a must-see for anyone hoping to explore the greatest modern-day metropolises in the world. With so many highlights to cover and never enough time, however, figuring out what to see and how to get around beforehand is crucial to fully enjoy a […]