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When thinking of a journey to France, many travelers daydream of sipping wine under the Eiffel Tower, cruising in a boat along the French Riviera, or maybe touring some of the most enchanting castles in Europe. But there are also plenty of other reasons to set one’s sights on France. Several people visited to experience […]
With medieval castles, baroque churches, and picturesque villages, Germany boasts a vibrant historical legacy. Germany exemplifies natural beauty, culture, history and art. Here’s a destination guide for your trip to Germany. Top Highlights of Germany With over 2 millennia of history, Germany is one of the world’s most dominant economic powers, whose cultural influence has shaped […]
France offers visitors an abundance of urban sophistication, pastoral beauty, and cultural attractions. If you want to make the most of your trip, you can time it to coincide with one of the country’s many exciting festivals. France has quite a few festivals throughout the year, some famous and others not so well known. The […]
French Mussels - Moules Marinières
French mussels not in your normal dinner rotation? It should be, and with this easy French Mussels recipe, you’ll bring the taste of France straight to your dinner table faster than you can say fantastique! Here is my take on Moules Marinières—French Mussels in white wine sauce. It’s a super easy recipe that is super […]
One visit to Bordeaux and I am hooked. Even if the vineyards disappeared, the chateaux dotting the countryside vanished and the wine merchants across the city center started hocking imported American Cabs, Bordeaux might still be my favorite city in France, if not the entire world. To the uninitiated, the simple six-letter word France evokes images […]
It’s not a secret that Paris is one of most romantic cities in the world, with more than enough charm, cozy places to stay, and renowned landmarks to turn a whole summer into a romantic escape. But Paris is only the tip of the iceberg, as the rest of France is also filled with amazing […]