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Singapore is one of the most culturally rich melting pots in the world. As a seaport located on the tip of the Malay peninsula in Southeast Asia, Singapore is most well known for its wide array of delicious Chinese, India, and Malay food. If you love to eat your way through your travels, Singapore is […]
Ah, Thailand. The land of golden temples, beautiful beaches, and a favorite haunt of food-loving travelers around the world. If you’ve always longed to explore Southeast Asia, Thailand is a fantastic place to start, particularly if you have a big appetite for foods that feature delicious fresh herbs, spicy flavors, and their famous Thai curries […]
If you love Asian food, you can’t miss Taiwan, the food capital of the region. This unique little island, given the nickname “Ilha Formosa” (the Beautiful Island) by 16th-century Portuguese settlers, abounds with delicious traditional dishes brought over by mainland Chinese immigrants in the 20th century, influenced by native aboriginal culture, as well as Japanese […]
Many people dream of going to the Maldives. With its picturesque white sand beaches and turquoise water, it’s the perfect destination for travelers who want to relax and enjoy nature simply. Besides its stunning ocean views, the South Asian island nation offers a wide range of delicious Mediterranean and continental meals. Here are several establishments you […]
Montreal is a municipality in the Canadian province of Quebec, Canada. It is one of the most beautiful places in the country to visit, and for a good reason. With cobblestone streets, amazing architecture, and a French-speaking culture, it is as quaint as it is charming, making the city one of the perfect vacation destinations […]