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By the time you’re ripping around a frozen lake on an ice-kart, it will be easy to see why Finland is one of the best places to combine thrill-seeking and the stunning natural beauty the Nordic region is known for. More than just a winter wonderland, however, Finland is an adventurer’s paradise all year due […]
There are two options when you visit Finland; experience Finland like a tourist or live like a local. Option one will likely involve booking a centrally located hotel, creating a detailed itinerary, looking up restaurant reviews on Yelp, and possibly booking a bus tour to visit all the “must-see” locations throughout the city. Option one […]
Finland is every free-spirited explorer and nature enthusiast’s dream come true. Known for its stunning boreal forests, historic monuments, and the world famous northern lights, Finland is one of Europe’s hidden gems. Top Highlights of Finland The first stop in Finland for most visitors is the capital, Helsinki. From Stone Age hunter-gatherers and the Vikings […]
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When it comes to culinary expeditions, Finland isn’t usually the first place on a foodie’s radar. In fact, some high-profile chefs have called the cuisine tasteless and bland. But did you know that Finnish cuisine is packed with superfoods? By using all-natural ingredients like cured salmon and cranberries (and staying away from that processed junk), […]
With countless outdoor adventures, medieval castles, world-class museums, and more, Finland remains one of the most underrated European destinations and a place that deserves consideration for any traveler’s bucket list. Whether you’re into scenic wintery escapades or want to explore the immense green expanses Finland is known for, there are plenty of options when it […]
It is no surprise that Finland is a popular spot for couples who want to embark on a romantic getaway! With an endless list of resorts, activities, and restaurants that are the epitome of romance, this country is like a world of its own. Whether you want to sit back and take in the breathtaking […]
Finland, a country that’s at the top of the world and borders Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, has a unique culture that every traveler should experience at least once. From the attractions of Helsinki to the remote regions of Lapland, this country offers a great deal to people who value an unspoiled landscape and a friendly, […]