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St. Petersburg is widely considered to be Russia’s most beautiful and romantic destination. St. Petersburg has numerous palaces and architectural wonders, many great museums and art galleries, and top restaurants. It’s one of the best places for a romantic holiday or to absorb the rich culture. A City With Many Influences To appreciate St. Petersburg, […]
Wandering Red Square is only the start to an unforgettable trip to Moscow. From underground military bunkers converted to medieval monasteries and stunning fortresses seemingly from fairytales, Moscow has plenty to see beyond the main tourist hubs. Bunker 42 About 200 feet beneath the Taganskaya metro station, a secret site provides a unique window into […]
The secret’s out–the food scene in Croatia is HOT! Locals have long known of the delicious treasures the country has to offer, but the food world has finally started to pay attention. And there’s no wonder why Croatia has incredible food. Located across the Adriatic sea from Italy and neighboring Hungary, Austria, and Slovenia, Croatia’s […]
If you’ve been looking for a way to kick back and enjoy a vacation without all the usual hustle and bustle of shopping, tourist attractions, and bouncing from hotel to hotel, then a river cruise is exactly what the doctor ordered. On a floating mini-resort, you can enjoy all the luxuries of hotel life and […]
Italy is a European country sitting on the Mediterranean Sea that has left deep impressions on the Western world, especially with its cuisine. Italy is home to many tourist destinations and landmarks including the capital city of Rome, the Vatican, and other major tourist cities such as Florence, Venice, and Milan. These cities combined attract […]
A music festival is a timeless way to see new places, spend time with your favorite people, and hear some great live music. A good festival, of course, is more than the sum of its parts. It’s a chaotic meshing of sounds, socializing, food, unique fashion statements, creative art forms, and merchandise. Ever since Woodstock, […]
If Hungary doesn’t stick out to you as a foodie destination, one visit to this humble country will tell you just how much you have been missing. Hungary has a growing and bustling restaurant scene, and thanks to a few Michelin stars won by local restaurateurs, it is finally starting to get some attention. Described […]
Bulgaria is a tourist destination known for its “melting pot” of influences from Greece, the Ottoman Empire, and Persia to name a few. The country sits along the Black Sea which has become a vital land passage between Europe and Asia. Bulgaria is home to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites and destinations on the Intangible Cultural […]
With medieval castles, baroque churches, and picturesque villages, Germany boasts a vibrant historical legacy. Germany exemplifies natural beauty, culture, history and art. Here’s a destination guide for your trip to Germany. Top Highlights of Germany With over 2 millennia of history, Germany is one of the world’s most dominant economic powers, whose cultural influence has shaped […]
“Food is a central activity of mankind and one of the single most significant trademarks of a culture.” — Mark Kurlansky Food can tell you a lot about a country. It can speak to the traditions, the resources, and the values of the people and the land. An Italian dinner of pasta, tomato ragu, bread, and […]