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Bulgaria is a tourist destination known for its “melting pot” of influences from Greece, the Ottoman Empire, and Persia to name a few. The country sits along the Black Sea which has become a vital land passage between Europe and Asia. Bulgaria is home to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites and destinations on the Intangible Cultural […]
The country of Bulgaria is one of the largest in the Balkan region and a popular tourist destination. It sometimes gets a bad rep because of protests and pickpockets, but don’t let that put you off, it’s a popular stop for a reason. The delicious food, welcoming locals, and cheap travel are just some of […]
Even though Bulgaria is one of the most cost-effective countries to visit in Europe, it boasts an amazing variety of activities for every type of adventurer. Sunbathers, snowboarders, surfers, historians, foodies, and the culturally curious alike flock to Bulgaria in order to experience it in all its beauty. Because of this, many different tours take […]
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Bulgarians love to socialize, bond, and catch up with friends and family. Incidentally, most of this “catching up” is done while sitting at the kitchen or dining room table—while it is covered in the delicious cuisine of the country. A staple of any meal in Bulgaria is cheese, or sirene, as the Bulgarians call it, […]
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Thanks to the rugged natural beauty and the long list of adventurous activities, Bulgaria is the perfect place to mix in a few thrills and take an unforgettable journey to the next level. The breathtaking mountains, glacial lakes, and unique geographical features scattered throughout Bulgaria can provide enough eye candy and excitement for a lifetime, […]
Thanks to its renowned beach resorts bordering the Black Sea and host of interesting options around the rest of the country, Bulgaria has caught on as a go-to destination for couples looking for the right romantic backdrop. From colorfully unique summer festivals and outdoor adventures to spa getaways at chic adults-only locales, the options are […]