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A music festival is a timeless way to see new places, spend time with your favorite people, and hear some great live music. A good festival, of course, is more than the sum of its parts. It’s a chaotic meshing of sounds, socializing, food, unique fashion statements, creative art forms, and merchandise. Ever since Woodstock, […]
When visiting a foreign country, it’s always a good idea to do a little research before the trip. Understandably, most people look for travel and safety alerts as well as crime rates and the best places to stay. What they often forget, though, is to read up on the culture and common practices. Locals generally […]
Bringing your appetite to Belgium is as important as your passport and luggage, as the French-Flemish country has a mouth-watering collection of foods to try while enjoying the unique culture and landmarks. From sumptuous stews and French fries (don’t call them that, though) to the world-famous chocolates, this Western European country is the most delicious […]
Medieval towns. Renaissance-era architecture. A perfect mix of spoken French and Dutch, as well as English. The ornate decorations of landmarks such as Grand-Palace. Elegant art. If these are the types of things you picture on your romantic, dream getaway then Belgium has a romantic getaway that is waiting for you and your partner. Belgium […]