Travel Insider: Jason Block

Jason’s Next Journey: Luxembourg, Germany, and Italy

Gearing up for our next big adventure in-country as they say.

We have some exciting insider looks coming your way while we’re filming our upcoming travel episode shorts and we’re getting really excited to share it with you. On this go round we’ll be visiting the duchy of Luxembourg, experiencing a river cruise on the Moselle and Main rivers through Germany, and capping it off with a visit to Italy where we’ll see Florence, Sienna in the heart of Tuscany, and the wonders of Rome.

Stay tuned, it’ll be a fast and furious good time.

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About the author

Jason Block

Country Count: 52

Jason Block is a former restaurateur turned travel writer and entrepreneur. Drawn to more intoxicating endeavors, Jason left a banking career abroad to open his first restaurant in his mid-twenties. He began seeking new far-off places much, much earlier. Reared as a travel industry insider, Jason has toured or worked in over 50 countries and counting. Travel and cuisine and their intersections with history and culture are Jason’s passions.

From a sugarless chocolate cake for his 10th birthday at Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania to Michelin star dining in the heart of Paris; From authentic corn soup in interior, rural China to the most beautiful beach resorts of the Caribbean, Jason explores it all looking for the very best, the unique, and the genuinely awful across the world of travel and cuisine so he can share all of it with others.

Currently the Editor in Chief of, Jason resides in Milton, Ga., with his wife and three daughters.

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