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If you’re an adrenaline junkie, a trip to New Zealand needs to be added to your travel wish list, ASAP. New Zealand, known as the adventure capital of the world, offers a variety of activities that will get your blood pumping. From bungy jumping to mountain climbing, and even some cave exploring, there’s something for […]
It is no surprise that Finland is a popular spot for couples who want to embark on a romantic getaway! With an endless list of resorts, activities, and restaurants that are the epitome of romance, this country is like a world of its own. Whether you want to sit back and take in the breathtaking […]
Bringing your appetite to Belgium is as important as your passport and luggage, as the French-Flemish country has a mouth-watering collection of foods to try while enjoying the unique culture and landmarks. From sumptuous stews and French fries (don’t call them that, though) to the world-famous chocolates, this Western European country is the most delicious […]
Hungary is a country that offers many fascinating historical and cultural attractions. It’s also an underappreciated place where you can enjoy exceptional value. For example, Budapest is a world-class city where prices for food and hotels are considerably cheaper than in Western European cities such as London, Paris, or Rome. In fact, Budapest is sometimes […]
When most people think of a classic romantic getaway full of pebble beaches, cafes, castles, and old-world charm, they think Italy. But just opposite of the Italian coast is a beautiful place far less changed by tourism with that classic romantic atmosphere that will make you and your special someone feel like you just stepped […]
Just off the coast of mainland Tanzania, the Unguja Island in the Zanzibar Archipelago is a locale complete with exotic white-sand beaches, stunning historical buildings, and more than enough sites and activities for any holiday. Thanks to warm–but not typically hot – weather all year long to go with vibrant and unique local cultures, the […]
Montreal is a municipality in the Canadian province of Quebec, Canada. It is one of the most beautiful places in the country to visit, and for a good reason. With cobblestone streets, amazing architecture, and a French-speaking culture, it is as quaint as it is charming, making the city one of the perfect vacation destinations […]
People throwing color for the Holi Festival
India is a deeply spiritual country, and festivals are at the heart of people’s lives. The many, varied celebrations offer a unique insight into this fascinating and colorful culture. Holi, country-wide Holi is one of India’s most colorful festivals and lasts two days in late march. One the first day, people build bonfires to remember […]
Many people dream of going to the Maldives. With its picturesque white sand beaches and turquoise water, it’s the perfect destination for travelers who want to relax and enjoy nature simply. Besides its stunning ocean views, the South Asian island nation offers a wide range of delicious Mediterranean and continental meals. Here are several establishments you […]
Known by many as the more affordable way to experience Italy, Croatia delights with a picturesque setting, perfect weather, and mouthwatering food from the sea. The History and Culture of Croatia Croatia has experienced substantial political and cultural changes over the past several decades. The country lived under communist rule for most of its recent […]
Costa Rican cuisine is often overlooked but foodies shouldn’t write-off Costa Rica. Sure, almost every traditional meal is a variation of rice and beans. But Costa Ricans take these staples and create a variety of unique and flavorful dishes. San José is more than just Costa Rica’s political capital. It is the country’s cultural and […]
Stunning lakeside villages plucked from fairytales, modern city centers filled with architectural wonders, internationally known museums, and rich history. Mountain-hugging Alpine roads and river cruises that you won’t want to leave. With its geographical advantages and series of beautiful towns and cities, Austria is perfect for both the seasoned explorer and those looking for a […]