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If you’re an adrenaline junkie, a trip to New Zealand needs to be added to your travel wish list, ASAP. New Zealand, known as the adventure capital of the world, offers a variety of activities that will get your blood pumping. From bungy jumping to mountain climbing, and even some cave exploring, there’s something for […]
What does a dream vacation look like for you? The chances are that depending on your personality and preferences, the answer to this question can be significantly different. Some like a large metropolis and others prefer the solitude of raw nature. Some enjoy visiting the other end of the globe, while others love nothing more […]
Ethiopia is famous for its rich culinary history. That’s why millions of tourists flock to Addis Abba every year to taste its rich coffee and delicious cuisine. Here is some practical advice on how to blend in and eat like a local and several popular restaurants and cafes you should visit while you’re in Ethiopia’s […]
Germany is an ideal location for romantic getaways. From picturesque old-world towns to castle hotels and gorgeous scenic drives, a Germanic countryside is an enchanting place that’s perfect for inspiring anyone’s romantic side. Whether you’re visiting for Valentine’s Day, your honeymoon, or just looking to get away with that special someone, here are some locations […]
If you’ve been looking for a way to kick back and enjoy a vacation without all the usual hustle and bustle of shopping, tourist attractions, and bouncing from hotel to hotel, then a river cruise is exactly what the doctor ordered. On a floating mini-resort, you can enjoy all the luxuries of hotel life and […]
When you think of world-renown cathedrals, Canada probably isn’t the first place that pops into your head. You more likely think of Europe, with all of it’s history and splendor. However, one North American city with a European flair boasts some of the most stunning and spectacular cathedrals in all the world. You don’t have […]
When most people think of a classic romantic getaway full of pebble beaches, cafes, castles, and old-world charm, they think Italy. But just opposite of the Italian coast is a beautiful place far less changed by tourism with that classic romantic atmosphere that will make you and your special someone feel like you just stepped […]
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If you can’t find an adventure in Austria, you’re probably not all that adventurous. With a dizzying set of thrilling options that show off the majestic mountains, rivers, lakes, and more, Austria is one of the go-to spots in Europe for anyone who wants to mix impressive scenery with an elevated adrenaline level. It also […]
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Cruising along the Nile River has been one of the top luxury cruises around the world since the days of the famous voyage of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra. These days, the magic of the Nile remains intact as world-travelers shoot along the river to see some of the most beautiful spots in Egypt from the […]
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Trips to Belgium are all about world-class chocolates and beautiful buildings, right? Although there is indeed no shortage of delectable treats to consume while in the awe-inspiring Western European country, it’s also an underrated hotspot for thrillseekers looking for activities just outside the usual tourist routes. And as anyone who has biked the hillsides of […]
Iceland is a country full of natural beauty but also extremely rugged terrain. Anyone who wants to walk on the wild side will get their fill in Iceland, given that its location along a volcanic seam of the Mid Atlantic Ridge has produced truly stunning natural formations worth exploring. While many sights can be taken […]
Bringing your appetite to Belgium is as important as your passport and luggage, as the French-Flemish country has a mouth-watering collection of foods to try while enjoying the unique culture and landmarks. From sumptuous stews and French fries (don’t call them that, though) to the world-famous chocolates, this Western European country is the most delicious […]